We rescued Ruth from a shelter and after 3 weeks of bringing her home she started showing signs of aggression towards people. We live in NY so avoiding people became an impossible task and not only that we could not control her. When we she would act aggressive we would have to run home and hope she would calm down. We felt hopeless and when we called the shelter they told us they would have to put her down. We are big animal people and this was not an option for us.

When we heard about K-9 Etiquette and the amazing results on aggression cases we knew we had to call them. They told us she needed the 8 week program and that she would be a difficult case. Every time we came to Miami to do a session with her we could see the amazing progress. She was no longer pulling the lease and lunging at people and with one command she would calm down. Now she is back home and I can honestly say I never thought she would be this calm and peaceful. She no longer jumps and lunges at people, rather she is confident and understands people will not hurt her. K-9 Etiquette taught her how to be a confident and calm dog. Moreover, they gave us the tools we needed to be the best owners for her. Now she goes to work us and plays with 50 plus employees. We are so grateful for K-9 Etiquette for saving her and giving her a second chance. We highly recommend K-9 Etiquette they provide real results and real lifestyle training. We will continue to stay in touch and bring other dogs to them in the future. By far the best trainers!!!