I am so proud of ranger…. he has spent the last month in doggie bootcamp with “e_dogman “Laura_k9etiquette amazing trainers! THE best!  He is almost at the end of his training and yesterday we got to see him fo r the first time in person in over a month… I was so amazed at how much he has learned and grown… he was able to sit in his spot like 30 min without being allowed to say hi to us and completely controlled his emotions… I know that was tough for him! But you could tell he was a different Ranger now.  I am so thankful for the work that his trainers have been able to do with him… truly O knew we needed help from a trainer but now I see the importance of a professional because what they are able to accomplish is outstanding!! He will have his at home session this upcoming week and he will finally be home.  Go follow their work which really is not work but their passion and you see it !! They live it!