I wanted to express our thanks for the amazing work that you’ve done with our great Pyrenees rescue puppy, Luna.

I knew from the first time that we met with you in your office that our puppy was in good hands. I could see immediately the love that you have for the animals that you work with and they sense it too! We decided to enroll Luna in the month long puppy training that you offer and, although she is still a very excited puppy she has shown so much improvement on her self-control and is so much more disciplined. She doesn’t try and run away immediately when she sees a door open. She holds her sit, place and stay like a trooper now!

Of course, being so young there are things that we still have to work with her on a daily basis but that is to be expected as training is not a one time thing it’s a lifetime thing! But we continue to see improvement and would never have been able to get her to the point that she is today without K-9 Etiquette!

Thank you again for training her, and for boarding her. She so looks forward to those trips back to you guys and your beautiful family, and we know without a doubt that she is in good hands!