Emmanuel Parra

Owner / Training Director

Owner, founder and head trainer of K9 Etiquette Inc. He was raised with dogs his entire life, and therefore always has had special bond with them. Growing up his parents owned and still a successful pet grooming business which he is now a partner of. This experience exposed him to different breeds, varying temperaments and behaviors. As he grew older he started understanding the importance adding structure to having a trained dog, and the benefits that came with it not only for the owners but also for the dog itself. While he managed the family dog grooming business, he began his studies at Animal Behavior college which allowed him to not only learn the fundamentals of dog training, but also working hands on as an apprentice to an experienced trainer, volunteering at shelters training some of their most difficult cases and growing his love and compassion for dogs. Some of the places where he volunteered are PAWS 4 YOU Rescue & the Miami-Dade animal Shelter & the Human Society. Upon completion, he became an ABC Certified Dog trainer. To further his education into another branch of dog training, he successfully completed the MICHAEL ELLIS SCHOOL FOR DOG TRAINERS located in California. Every year he attends the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CANINE PROFESSIONALS Conference in which canine professionals from around the globe have an opportunity to network, and strengthen & share their skills on dog training.