K-9 Etiquette offers Dog boarding, is like a vacation for your four-legged beloved. here at k-9 Etiquette we reinforce and refresh bootcamp students commands.  Prices vary depending on accommodation selection, weight of dog, whether or not your dog has special and/or medical needs.

Boarding Rates

  • 1 day – $40.00 if you are a frequent boarding dog.
  • 1 day – $50.00 non-bootcamp dogs (Dogs that do not come to any of our training program)
  • Boarding dogs not picked up during the hours of business which are 8:00 am – 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday and 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Saturday will be boarded overnight and can be picked up the next morning and charged a boarding fee.

Boarding Requirements

Vaccinations -To begin the evaluation you will need to have proof that your dog has current vaccinations against Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordatella. Please note that bordatella vaccinations are not automatically given by most veterinarians.


Food-Customers should provide enough food of their dog’s normal diet to last their entire stay. K-9 Etiquette offers house food as a service but charges an additional daily rate for this.


***Boarding dependent upon availability, visit the appointment section.


K9 Etiquette Inc. does everything they reasonably can to provide a healthy and safe training environment. Client agrees to indemnify and hold K-9 Etiquette Inc. and Emmanuel Parra Trainer harmless from ALL LIABILITY for any loss, damage or injury to persons, animals, or property arising from and related to client, client’s pet or other pet’s activities before, during and after training.  Client agrees that their pet is healthy with no communicable diseases or suffer from any disability, illness, or other condition, which could have an adverse effect on the health of, or could jeopardize the safety of another pet.  Client acknowledges and agrees that there is a risk of injury, illness or death in any environment associated with numerous pets. Client also understand there are risks of injuries, illnesses or death resulting. Knowing these inherent risks and dangers, you will not hold K9 Etiquette, Inc. and Emmanuel Parra and staff responsible for any injury, illness, death or damage caused by your pet and that you’re solely responsible for your pet. If veterinary care is needed, client agrees to full financial responsibility of any cost of veterinary treatment.  Client agrees that Location and/or Trainer shall not be liable for loss or damage to animal for any reason.